Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Peruvian Squill

A Peruvian Squill has appeared in our garden this year. No idea how it got there, as it is apparently native of The Algarve. Migratory avians passing above our garden? I hope not, for the bird's sake as the squill grows from a bulb.
To separate the delicate flowering portion of the plant from the busy garden background I shot with a macro lens set to apertures between f8 and f2.8, depending on how much of the plant I wanted to keep in focus.
I resisted the temptation to polarise the shine off the petals as I wanted to highlight the contrast between the light open and darker closed flowers.
A tripod was essential as even the slightest bit of camera shake blurs macro images. I also shot a greycard and balanced in Photoshop, rather than relying on the Nikon's built-in white balance settings, as purples can be awkward to get right.
A small water spritzer added a dewy look to some of the shots.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Sonnet 54

O, how much more doth beauty beauteous seem
By that sweet ornament which truth doth give!
The rose looks fair, but fairer we it deem 
For that sweet odour which doth in it live. 
The canker-blooms have full as deep a dye 
As the perfumed tincture of the roses, 
Hang on such thorns and play as wantonly 
When summer's breath their masked buds discloses: 
But, for their virtue only is their show, 
They live unwoo'd and unrespected fade, 
Die to themselves. Sweet roses do not so; 
Of their sweet deaths are sweetest odours made: 
And so of you, beauteous and lovely youth, 
When that shall fade, my verse distills your truth.

(William Shakespeare) 

Friday, 7 June 2013

Lady Beggars Banquet

Lady Beggars Banquet are a new performance duo that will be hitting London (and the world) very soon. This update features some shots from a TFP shoot I did with LBB a few weeks back. The theme for the main shot was 'after the party', and the girls wanted a cheap, polaroid feel to the images. For the shots with the bear and the clown, we wanted a slightly more sinister feel, so went for desaturated colours and black and white. If the shoot was anything to go by, the girl's live set should be a riot.