Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The White Room

A brief update on the theme of abstracting the recent white out.
The only real editing these images underwent in post was a boost to contrast and a reduction of saturation.

Le Rouge et le Noir

Revisiting the past with Jacquie Oh.

Three Colours - White

The best thing about heavy snow is that the landscape become other than it is for a brief moment in time, including transitions into black and white.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Up The Creek

A set of images shot close to Thorington Mill.
I recently purchased Photoshop CS3 - it was kinda forced as I'd previously upgraded my camera to one not fully supported by CS2 - really glad that I did.
The latest Camera Raw plugin available with CS3 (note - not the one it's packaged with) works with the Nikon D300 and is miles ahead of the CS2 Camera Raw when it comes to recovering detail in HDR situations. The last shot of this set is a kind of HDR image; it is constructed from 3 Camera Raw versions of one original file - one fine tuned for sky, one for the trees, and one for the foreground.
The first image is faux infrared, created using CS3's excellent black and white adjustment layer function (another improvement over CS2) and curve-toning.

Trees Lounge

Well, what else are they supposed to do when the birds have deserted them for warmer climbs?
Some of these were oportunistic snap shots whilst I was on a job, others were shot at the most recent Wivenhoe Photography Group trip.
Trees sleep during the summer, resting from all that activity in spring. They flirt outrageously in autumn, but then in winter we witness a darker side of them, one they'd probably rather we didn't see.


A mini post of two images, one old, one new. Different takes on the theme of crowds and movement. Both are long exposures.